The Stages of the Job Hunt Explained In GIFs

Hearing those two little words: “You’re hired!” is arguably one of the best feelings ever. But, it takes a lot of time, effort, and emotions to get there. Usually, it goes something like this:

giphy (2).gif


1. You spend forever creating and formatting the perfect resume.

giphy (3).gif


2. You scour the internet for open positions that are even remotely related to your skill set.

giphy (4).gif


3. You go back and tailor your resume to fit the job description and craft the most amazing cover letter on the face of the planet.

giphy (5).gif


4. After what feels like years and 70 billion submitted applications, you get an email about a phone interview.

giphy (6).gif


5. You go into stalker mode and find out every single bit of information you can about the company and your interviewer.

giphy (7).gif


6. You power through the always awkward phone interview and pass with flying colors.

giphy (8).gif


7. It’s the best day ever when you’re invited for an in-person interview.

giphy (9).gif


8. You practice your elevator pitch in the mirror and go over every possible interview question someone could ask you.

giphy (10).gif


9. You try on every suitable piece of interview clothing you own before finding the perfect outfit.

giphy (11).gif


10. You go to the interview and absolutely crush it.

giphy (12).gif


11. You call your friends, your parents, your grandma, and your dog to tell them you totally nailed it and will probably get a congratulatory call from the president any minute for your stellar performance.

giphy (13).gif


12. A few days go by and you start to panic because you haven’t heard anything from the hiring manager.

giphy (14).gif


13. You slave over the perfect follow up email and then feel like a bothersome pest when you send it.

giphy (15).gif


14. You spiral into an ice cream filled abyss waiting to hear back from anyone, anyone at all.

giphy (16).gif


15. You finally hear from the hiring manager and (hopefully) have a confetti gun ready because YOU GOT HIRED!

giphy (17).gif