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Transformation Nation Podcast 

On this episode of Tential’s Transformation Nation, Chief Digital Technology Officer and your host, Anna Frazzetto, interviews DeLibra Wesley, CEO at National Recruiting Consultants. Anna brings DeLibra on the show to answer a question she believes most organizations are asking themselves as they start off a new year with grand ambitions: Are we bringing the momentum we need to our businesses and workplaces in 2022? 

And who better to answer that question than DeLibra herself? Being the brilliant and bold entrepreneur she is, DeLibra built her own DEI consulting business and staffing agency after a highly successful career with The Delta Companies, where she rose to the C-suite as COO. Her transformation from senior corporate executive to entrepreneur of a fast-growing agency informs her approach in all areas. From  helping businesses and individuals achieve their own ambitions, to recommending essential changes to increase inclusion, DeLibra is the ultimate growth guide.

Regarding the momentum businesses are looking to harness in 2022, DeLibra shares the impact COVID has had on talent, specifically female and minority talent, and why their departure from the workforce is a massive blocker for organizations stepping into 2022 with big goals. Her suggestion? Find a way to break the mold and get flexible! What can you do as an employer to meet your talent where they are now? To help retain them through the chaos?   

As the pair continue their conversation, they discuss how to find candidates in this strange job market, advice for those looking to make a risky professional move, and how we can better support our overworked and understaffed teams. We hope you enjoy this episode.