Group of people gathered at a speaking

Tential Tuesday – 05/20/2019

In today’s technology world (and even more so today’s technology job market), the task of staying up-to-date on the latest news and ideas can seem daunting. Are you signed up for the right newsletters? Are you endlessly surfing social media? What is the best way to keep up with networking and are you attending the right events? With countless blogs, articles, and social media outlets, it can all just be plain overwhelming.

Enter: Tential Tuesday

What better way to become an expert in your field than to share ideas and network with other amazing professionals? Tential’s new and exciting events to invest in the success of our client’s career journey are aiming to do just that. By expanding our Associate’s network, providing opportunities for continued learning and building meaningful relationships we are focused on helping our clients achieve their Filltential. 

“Tential Tuesday was my opportunity to bring powerful people together within my network to do something fun! This was our moment to show how much we invest in the people we work with, and also to highlight the meaningful relationships we have built.”– Jared Cross, Tential Associate

The feedback we received from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. According to Associate Alexia Kelly, “Everyone LOVED being able to network with like-minded individuals about commonalities in their fields, industries, etc. and we were able to introduce several people to others with similar interests.”

Not only do these events provide amazing benefits to our clients, Tential Tuesday also allows our team additional opportunities to learn about industry trends and innovations. Being relentless in our goals to become skill-set experts and immersing ourselves in the industry positions our Associates at their best to guide our clients’ career journeys. These events were created with the mindset that we can’t guide our expert clients in today’s job market if we’re not also striving to be technology gurus.

“At our Tential Tuesday event, I was able to learn about the struggles that companies go through when adopting the latest technology, tools, and processes. Organizations often struggle with the mindset of, ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’. However, by adopting the most efficient technology tools and processes, companies can see major growth. This is a struggle that lots of companies go through and there are different ways to combat it.”– Matt Gregoire, Tential Practice Lead

Presenters for our first events were industry thought leaders and well-known innovators from the Arlington, VA and Tampa, FL areas. Clients not only had the opportunity to network with other outstanding professionals but also gained valuable information and insights into Data Science and DevOps. 

Ready to be a part of our next Tential Tuesday?  Whether you’re looking for your next career move or want to take a bigger part in the tech community, the opportunities are endless. These events are open to our clients, colleagues, and friends! Reach out to an Associate in your area to talk about your career journey and how you can join our next Tential Tuesday!