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Tential Announces Corporate Rebrand to Better Support Client Outcomes and Strategic Growth Initiatives

Annapolis, MD – February 9, 2022 – Tential, an advanced solutions provider specializing in IT and customer experience, today announced the next evolution of the company’s commitment to build flexible and practical solutions to meet clients’ key objectives for productivity, profitability, and growth. Through an extensive rebranding effort in response to customer feedback and the opportunity to align decades of experience, the company has combined the expertise of its three legacy businesses – Corporate Brokers, Asphire, and Tential – into a single impactful brand.

The new Tential will help clients keep their businesses running ahead of market forces, talent shortages, and technology trends through three primary offerings: IT professional services, IT workforce solutions, and Recruitment Process Offering (RPO) for service roles.

“The journey to today’s Tential is a result of the tremendous growth of our three separate business lines, our desire to combine their strengths, and the opportunity to deliver a truly seamless client experience that is also more efficient,” said Shane Ireland, CEO, Tential. “We firmly believe that this new organizational structure will foster greater collaboration internally which will translate into an ability to more effectively impact our clients’ business outcomes. It also supports the core elements of our solutions-selling process, complemented by our learning ethos. Our people are loyal and caring, but also driven and growth-oriented.”

The company’s transition to one singular brand is underpinned by its mission to unite sales and delivery teams with a common purpose: to drive scalability and efficiency without losing the needs and nuances important to each of its three distinct offerings.

“Tential is laser focused on outcomes-based solutions that begin with consultative conversations and result in performance-based partnerships. This structure allows our delivery teams to shine, while allowing our clients to concentrate on what they do best,” said Kristen Barnow, COO, Tential. “This process promotes deeper engagements with clients and consultants, thanks to the integration of streamlined processes and technology that injects a new level of personalization and real-time collaboration.”

At the center of Tential’s rebrand is a focus on the financial services and FinTech industries. Over the past 18 years, the company has cemented its status as a leading professional services and workforce solutions consultant and trusted advisor to the financial services industry. This growth reflects Tential’s deep understanding of financial systems implementations and integrations, including expertise in risk compliance and data governance, financial regulations for FINRA, and the banking and lending market.

“In the financial services industry, specifically, a deep level of engagement is critical to drive much-needed efficiencies and help clients quickly address pain points with outcomes-based solutions,” commented Ireland. “Financial services work comprises seventy percent of our business and Tential represents twenty-five percent of all the compliance work done globally.”

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