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Best practice methodologies and expert resource strategies

Tential delivers fully managed teams and project oversight to get work done on your terms and timeline. A shared risk model means we’re just as invested in amazing outcomes as you are. Clients trust our ability to drive outcomes by aligning people, potential, and purpose.

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Change was always coming at us at 100mph and they could keep up and drink from the firehose. They have such a strong ability to deliver.”

— SVP, Technical Workforce, Telecom & Media Firm

Get all the momentum you need to get ahead from fully managed teams

We manage the team, you steer the ship


2X faster ramp up to production velocity than other teams on a recent enterprise engagement

Still waiting for things to slow down? Better outcomes can’t wait

Dedicated teams complete projects and drive revenue faster

Your in-house team has a lot on their plate, and every day they get served more. When everything’s both urgent and important, a managed team approach makes all the difference for turnaround time and quality.


97% Accuracy rating of data-driven financial services bid pricing tool we developed, up from 75%

A holistic, collaborative approach.

Tential brings humanity into their work. We have an open conversation instead of just a business transaction.”

— Talent Acquisition Associate, Insurance Firm

For accountability and flexibility, choose Tential IT Professional Services

We take on the risk, you get the reward

Tential assumes as much or as little of the work as you prefer, up to assuming full responsibility for all deliverables. Your terms, our talent: it’s a practical approach when there’s pressing business.


53% More than half of U.S. CIOs expect budgets to increase this year. Are you ready?

Culture fit counts for consulting, too—and here’s why

Complement the culture you’ve invested so much in

After nearly 20 years working with IT leaders and professionals, we know that cultural fit is a two-way street. When everyone’s on the same page, consultants ramp up faster and satisfaction and quality rise.


10% annual spending growth on enterprise software means you need the skills and culture fit to take advantage

Learn how Tential guides strategy from discovery to delivery

Your highest priority IT initiatives are in good hands. Tential’s practical and purpose-built solutions provide the momentum to achieve key business and tech goals. Let’s start a conversation about your strategy and our solutions.

Getting development back on track through SDLC and agile best practices

A specialized enterprise application drove 75% of revenue for a multidisciplinary health services firm, and yet code deployments were severely backed up. Tential helped get the SDLC back on track by identifying technical gaps and improving agile practices.


4X increased rate of deployments due to optimized agile SDLC practices