Talent Solutions

Contract and contract-to-perm

Source and hire highly qualified contract technical talent with Tential. It’s your secret weapon to get work done quickly and cost-effectively. When you need a professional with specific skills that you want to manage yourself, Tential delivers.

The time Tential takes to ensure the pool of candidates screening meet the needs of the job description. They stay connected with the candidates and provide constructive feedback. Great at communication and responding promptly.”

— Client Testimonial

Access to technical talent controls costs and solves problems

Opportunity’s knocking. Your ability to respond—and preserve your internal team’s sanity—depends on our broad network. Tential has spent decades cultivating relationships with top tech talent for projects and perm roles.

In addition to attracting talent, we also help with retention by providing real-time market analytics. Get ahead of challenges before they occur with metrics on:

  • market-specific salary ranges
  • must-have tech stacks
  • remote work capabilities

Faster hiring keeps you ahead of the technology (and your competition)

Speed is essential, especially when it comes to your technical workforce. Tential’s network is loyal and committed, allowing us to source and qualify talent expediently and confidently.

Putting your priorities first.

Tential offers more of a concierge style service, which works for us. It’s like being in business class rather than the back of the plane.”

— Director of Engineering, Aerospace Firm

Culture fit matters for short-term success and long-term relationships

Tential prioritizes finding talent that meshes with your teams and leaders. We’re all about the person behind the project, not just making the placement. People deserve to work where they’re fully valued.


63% of U.S. companies say it’s harder to retain than to hire workers, which is why we spend so much time on fit.

More than just IT staffing, Tential delivers confidence

What would it feel like to know resources are available for all your current and future IT initiatives, from infrastructure to architecture and everything in between? It’s all within your reach when you rely on Tential for IT workforce solutions. We’d love to share how we do it.

Assembling a highly skilled team for system migration

Our global consulting client turned to Tential when it was unable to source sufficient talent for support and migration of a credential management system with more than 50K users. The job was for its Mexico territory and included language transcription and detailed regional compliance requirements. Tential came through.


24 specialized consultants helped complete the migration in just 8 weeks.