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Gain faster time to value with fully managed teams, project oversight and shared risk.

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Get projects done the right way with our community of IT leaders and experienced tech professionals.

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Enhance your brand reputation with RPO solutions for contact and shared service centers.


Tential is engineered for the flexibility that businesses demand today.

We think like a strategy consultant and act with urgency and integrity. We build practical solutions with your goals as our guide.

18+ years delivering potential-fulfilling solutions, and we’re just getting started

70% of our business comes from the financial services sector

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IT Professional Services ›

Fully managed teams and project-based solutions

Need to put together a team fast to focus on emerging challenges? Tential provides fully managed teams while enabling you to maintain total control of the direction. We take on the risk and deliverables to the degree you choose. If it fits your needs, we’ll embed an architect or project manager to work with your leadership.

directing attention to benefits

We manage the team, you steer the ship

Embedded architects and managers ensure teams are driving towards your strategic goals.

We take on the risk, you get the reward

Tential is accountable for deliverables and focused on getting you the outcomes you need.

Experience a faster time to value

Dedicated teams complete projects and drive revenue faster.

Maximize cultural fit

Tential builds teams to complement the culture you’ve invested so much in.

Tential spends more time gathering our true business needs.

“There’s a high standard of excellence of getting things right. We need someone who’s smart and works in a team environment. Tential is very thorough.”
– Director of Engineering, Aerospace Firm

directing attention to benefits

IT Workforce Solutions

Contract and contract-to-perm

Tential sources and hires top talent for contract positions with companies across the U.S. Our network of highly qualified talent enables us to respond to needs quickly and cost-effectively. When you need an employee with very specific skills that you want to manage yourself, Tential delivers.

Accelerate time to hire

Our network is loyal and committed, allowing us to source and qualify talent expediently and confidently.

Make a productive fit

Tential prioritizes finding talent that will mesh with your teams and leaders.

Unlock access to talent

We’ve spent decades cultivating a deep network of top tech talent for project-based needs.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

High-volume recruiting for customer contact and shared-service environments

Tential provides specialized class-based recruiting and outsourced support for customer service environments. We deliver high-volume solutions on a contract or contract-to-perm basis or, working on your behalf, more targeted support sourcing and onboarding permanent teams.

directing attention to benefits

Unload the burden

High-volume hiring puts a lot of stress on internal hiring teams. We cut our teeth on it.

Overcome the talent shortage

Our customer service network enables us to access and source talent for big teams faster.

Leverage our industry knowledge

Tential understands the very unique skill set it takes to succeed in customer service.

Great partnerships start with transparency and thrive on proven processes.


No preconceived notions. No prepackaged solutions. We listen and then we get to work. Tential is built to achieve outcomes.


We listen and learn your pain points, keep a consultative mindset, and bring solutions to the table that are flexible and practical.


When we dig in, we do it with you. Our strategies and delivery recommendations come directly from your goals.


Our solutions are expressly tailored to tackle your challenges and drive clear outcomes. Every delivery is an investment in your business and ours.

Building a future-state framework for quality

When our global finance and accounting client couldn’t get control of low-quality code and high-defect leakage, they turned to Tential. We reengineered their QA process by assigning technical leads on each team to approve pull requests and improve accountability.

5X Fewer QA issues than other scrum teams


Let’s talk about what a healthy dose of flexibility and practicality can do for your business.