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Transformation Nation Podcast 

On this episode of Tential’s Transformation Nation, Chief Digital Technology Officer and your host, Anna Frazzetto, interviews Dr. Hagen Wenzek, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer for CorporateHealth International, and CEO of GI Digital. Anna welcomes Hagen to the show to discuss his transformation process, the user experiences that must be considered when testing a solution, and lessons learned regarding innovation, global tech development, and collaboration.

Hagen is a patent-holding inventor and relentless pursuer of tech innovation. Right now, Hagen and his global teams are transforming medical testing to deliver several impressive outcomes that include:

  • getting more accurate results
  • recreating and optimizing the patient experience of testing using minimally invasive technologies
  • pioneering at-home testing solutions
  • reaching underserved and remote populations

His innovation? A small gastrointestinal capsule with cameras on both ends, used for at-home complex diagnostic tests to identify “polyps,” which can prevent cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases if detected (and removed) early. To use, patients simply swallow the microtechnology, and from there, it takes a video of their intestines. Afterward, the video is sent to and analyzed by experts who make a diagnosis.

As the pair continue their conversation, they discuss the overwhelming number of norms Hagen is disrupting for patients, doctors, their teams and even hospital systems, GI Digital’s next big growth goal, and his best practices for mapping journeys and building excellent UX for patients and their medical teams. They also talk about how the pandemic has influenced his team’s efforts and the connection of his global team. We hope you enjoy this episode.