Many believe that when a tech professional embarks on a job search, they are looking for a permanent position. But according to Staffing Industry Analysts “shorter tech cycles with a more fluid demand environment for specialized skillsets, exacerbated by, in some cases, extreme talent shortages is clearly leading to an intensifying preference for [contract] staffing services.” This preference for contract positions is held by a vast array of candidates and hiring managers.


One of the biggest benefits of working on a contract position is that you have the flexibility to choose the type of project you want to be a part of and the technology you want to use. Along with this greater freedom to choose your assignments contract workers can also decide how long or short of a gap to take between projects. Want to work on an outstanding project that presents new challenges and opportunities for growth and then take a month off to travel? With a contract position this is 100% possible!

Gain New Skills and Experience

In a permanent position you may be limited in the different projects, technology, and challenges you can experience. In a contract position you are able to gain experience through different projects across different industries and special interests. And you are able to gain this experience without constantly going to your managers and requesting new projects or to be moved to a different team. With contract positions you are able to choose what experience and skills you want to gain next.

Contract Positions Build Your Network

There’s no question about it, when you work a contract role, you’re going to meet new people and expand your network. Building meaningful relationships is a key component to landing your next opportunity. Having a large and varied group of professionals you can talk to allows you to learn about opportunities that have not hit the market yet. As a tech professional trying to hone your skills and level up your experience there may not be a lot of time left for networking. The beauty of contract positions and working with Tential is that you are automatically going to meet new people consistently. Our Associates have dedicated their careers to guiding yours, we have built a network of meaningful relationships with the right people to help you achieve your Filltential and are ready to be a long-term partner on your career journey. 

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