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Transformation Nation Podcast

On this episode of Tential’s Transformation Nation, Chief Digital Technology Officer, and your host, Anna Frazzetto, interviews Marcy Stoudt, CEO at inspiration platform Revel Coach. The organization is dedicated to mentoring women as they take their next big step in their careers or passions, ultimately changing how women navigate their career path, network, and embrace opportunity. 

Usually, when Anna sits down with a guest to talk tech it’s about big, far-reaching businesses, tech or digital transformations. However, with Marcy, Anna focuses on the small transformations in our lives and work, and how we emerge as professionals and people from the pandemic. Marcy notes that it will have a great impact on our success and happiness.

Being an expert in personal and professional growth, Marcy shares that whether you are gearing up for big or small transformation, it always comes down to two key components: 

  • 1. An internal decision to change, typically based on something you want for your organization.
  • 2. A clear vision of where you’re going, forming a desire so powerful that it compels you to make everyday decisions that keep you on your path forward. 

As the pair continue their conversation, they discuss how businesses should redefine what winning looks like, why building a successful mentorship program starts with mentees, and how going back to your core fundamentals tends to lower stress levels. We hope you enjoy this episode.