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The Reconnection Roadmap

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Transformation Nation Podcast

On this episode of Tential’s Transformation Nation, Chief Digital Technology Officer and your host, Anna Frazzetto, interviews Shaun Tomson, athlete, author, and keynote speaker, known for his legendary surfing skills. While Anna usually focuses on tech transformations during the podcast, Shaun notes that he works with internal tech and the software that drives us, encouraging our listeners to embrace disconnection as a way to connect fully despite the last two years of distance and havoc. 

When Shaun wrote “The Code: The Power of ‘I Will,’” he set out to empower youth to be true to themselves, laying a simple framework for them to use to make positive decisions. Shaun mentions that in his experience, “if one has a strong code, one has a strong purpose and can ultimately create a positive attitude to make positive decisions.” Of course, that goes for individuals and businesses as well. 

Through Shaun’s work as a keynote speaker, he’s empowered the human spirit through what he calls a “spirit language,” which consists of single lines of “code” or personal statements, beginning with “I will.” With time, Shaun has come to the beautiful realization that all of us are motivated by two common yet simple commitments: 

  1. I will be better. 
  2. I will help others be better.

These messages come from a human place of wanting to improve while helping others improve with us. We are all naturally social creatures who want to be part of a community and thrive together. Still, to do so, we must be intentional about connecting with nature, prayer, and the people we love.  

As the pair continue their conversation, they discuss how the pandemic has driven a newfound realization of what’s truly important, how being a member of our global community falls somewhere between being selfless and selfish, and more!  We hope you enjoy this episode.