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On this episode, Chief Digital Technology Officer and your host, Anna Frazzetto, interviews Bane Hunter, CEO and Founder at delivery management software firm GetSwift. Bane is a GEMS expert known for leading growth, execution, monetization and strategy in business building. 

Throughout his career, Bane has guided several tech businesses from the startup phase to successful IPOs, led the development and launch of numerous digital innovations in the marketplace, and has three provisional product patents with more in the pipeline. 

All of that experience, combined with his history of leading business through callous times, better prepared him for the last year and a half of constant change and challenges. When asked about resilience and what it takes to “get to the other side,” Bane notes that there is a fine line between resilience, stubbornness, strength, flexibility, and opportunity, and that we should practice combining them all into one. 

As they move from resilience to the topic of grit and  the importance of keeping a fresh mind in the technology space, Bane shares a secret: creativity can often be the tonic for stress. It can also act as an outlet that allows us to dream, keep our sanity and look to the future.