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Success and Challenging the Status Quo

Exploring the many ways technology and tech leaders are reshaping and re-imagining how we work and live in today’s ever-changing world.

Transformation Nation Podcast

On this episode, Chief Digital Technology Officer and your host, Anna Frazzetto, interviews Fumbi Chima, Executive VP and Chief Information Officer at the BECU, the largest not-for-profit credit union in Washington state and one of the top five financial cooperatives in the nation. Fumbi is wonderfully global and is known for her digital transformation leadership and ingenuity. She has been a technology change leader for big names like Walmart, Adidas, Fox Network Group, Burberry, and American Express (to name a few!). 

Having lived in places and worked for companies that people dream about, Anna talks with Fumbi about how such diverse experiences shaped her philosophy as a technologist and business leader. And as a woman who grew in Europe with an African family, Fumbi shares that prioritizing diversity became ingrained in her and her core beliefs from the start. She also reflects on how her consulting experience forced her to look at a problem from two or three angles, which also aided her as she built up her global perspective muscle.  

As a black woman in technology, Fumbi knew she had to be better than the rest. She did this by working 300% harder than her peers, who could get away with what she couldn’t because of existing bias. Fumbi shares that she’s choosing to look on a more positive side these days, acknowledging the fact that these very real biases were (as far as she’s aware) unconscious. And while that’s no excuse, Fumbi shares that when you focus on your strengths and deliver something spectacular, that your community will have no choice but to include you. 

As the conversation continues, Anna and Fumbi discuss the pandemic’s blessing in disguise, how other cultures and regions address essential issues like DEI and women’s empowerment, and why identifying what makes you different isn’t always productive. We hope you enjoy this episode.