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Transformation Nation Podcast

On this episode of Tential’s Transformation Nation, Chief Digital Technology Officer and your host, Anna Frazzetto, interviews Alfonso Perez, Head of Technology for Mizner Bioscience and e5 Pharma. Previously long-time colleagues, Anna and Alfonso discuss their shared passion for innovation, the strategic use of remote tech teams, and how to leverage automation for motivation.

Alfonso shares that he started his career as a developer, and explains why it makes a great foundation for being a CIO. According to Alfonso, the CIO is “the most fascinating role in a company,” and he and Anna discuss how current circumstances are redefining the role, what’s asked of that person, and what type of knowledge one needs to be successful in it. 

Alfonso also expands on his passion for innovation and how he is constantly seeking the ideas of his colleagues at all company levels. He believes that innovation is how a company stays ahead of the curve and asks the question, “How do you leverage innovation as a competitive advantage?”

With years of experience in both technical and business roles, Alfonso and Anna talk about the effectiveness of remote tech teams — and that this approach has worked efficiently and effectively for much longer than we give it credit. Alfonso and Anna wrap things up with a conversation about what companies can learn from the fast growth of startups, and why it pays to be more strategic when it comes to outsourcing and anticipating challenges. We hope you enjoy this episode.