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#MFH: Marketing From Home

Exploring the many ways technology and tech leaders are reshaping and re-imagining how we work and live in today’s ever-changing world.

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On this episode, Chief Digital Technology Officer and your host, Anna Frazzetto, interviews Todd Unger, Chief Experience Officer and SVP of Marketing and Physician Engagement at the American Medical Association. Todd is a celebrated tech industry visionary, known for leading digital change initiatives at a variety of organizations, including AOL, Time Inc. and The Daily Racing Form. 

Todd’s multi-dimensional expertise in digital technology, product development, and marketing, along with a fearless approach to disruption, aided Todd in translating AMA’s mission to be the “physician’s powerful ally in patient care” into a new era. Todd credits his success to a three-step, question-based approach that focuses on bringing the organization together. These questions include: 

  • How they intend to express their modified role in this world.
  • How they will adapt and leverage digital marketing, and virtual channels to get the job done.
  • What boundaries they’re going to break to do it.  

Through the experimental shifts in how they deliver their mission, the AMA also saw systemic changes to their customer experience. But before diving into his learnings, Todd notes that the term “customer experience” is under-defined. His personal definition of customer experience?  The seamless integration of product, marketing, eCommerce, and service. While it takes time, organizations that make that time to build out their digital platform and understand all the elements of their own funnel will be better positioned to serve their audiences through any crisis. 

Although Todd led the organization through the pandemic, he shares that he is often guided by two spectacular techies in his personal life: His wife and daughter. His wife is a former business school professor at the University of Virginia who is taking advantage of the enormous opportunity the pandemic has created for the world of education. She has built a practice around what Todd calls “Feminism and Entrepreneurship,” reaching a massive audience of people that never would have been able to attend an in-person event.

As the conversation continues, Anna and Todd discuss how focusing on your target audience’s individual interests can lead to growth, advice for better digital marketing and engagement when people are “digitally maxed out,” and how business leaders can more strategically drive leads! We hope you enjoy this episode.