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Transformation Nation Podcast

On this episode, Chief Digital Technology Officer and your host, Anna Frazzetto, interviews Jill  Porubovic, Founder and Owner at Management Consulting firm Jill Porubovic Consulting. With Jill leading the organization as an architect of business transformation strategies, the firm works to prepare you and your team to take on any change that comes your way. Her firm puts your cross-functional teams at the epicenter of positive change. 

Before launching her own consultancy, Jill led the enterprise services and technical workforce divisions for media giant Discovery, Inc., where she managed over 300 people across 32 countries. Take another step back in time, and you’d find Jill at Verizon, leading IT services, software, and operational functions, which was only the start of her two decades in IT management. With countless implementations, integrations, migrations, upgrades, and mergers under her belt, Jill cites her ability to unite and manage diverse cross-functional teams as key to her success as a tech leader and business founder. 

When speaking to the hurdles that come with moving from on-premise technology services to SaaS products, Jill mentions that while many think SaaS will be cheaper, that’s only on paper. In reality, you need a new-age team that understands and controls usage of that SaaS product, as well as strong business and product owners, and finally, configuration engineers. 

As the conversation continues, Anna and Jill discuss why companies should never settle when it comes to employee growth and well-being, how being named an ‘unselfish leader’ comes from her community and connectedness, and why it’s crucial that you know your SaaS customers inside and out. We hope you enjoy this episode.