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How a surge hiring project led to a Rapid Hire strategy for a Fortune 500 Financial Institution

Rapid Hire
With thousands of customers seeking capable support daily through Customer Care Centers, staffing shortfalls directly impacted our client, a global Fortune 500 financial institution. Turnover and stretched recruiting bandwidth created undue stress on hiring managers and risked unsatisfied consumers. Fortunately, they deployed Tential’s Rapid Hire solution, which improved the speed and quality of contract hires.

The Challenge
High turnover and low satisfaction scores plagued our client’s busy Customer Care Centers and claims processing groups. The previous global staffing vendor consistently failed to meet standards of quality and speed, leading to poor ratings from both hiring managers and service agents. Productivity and profitability for this annuity sales surge suffered as a result. The client’s talent acquisition team sought a more viable workforce strategy–one that delivered ROI rather than eroding it.

The Solution
Tential’s proposed Rapid Hire solution included a single point of contact and dedicated recruitment team assigned exclusively to the client. As a starting point, we collaboratively built an ultimate Candidate Success Profile in partnership with the client. This allowed us to devise a targeted recruitment marketing and sourcing strategy aimed at both passive and active talent, including local niche outreach for specific geographic locations.

From there, Tential jumped into action with a specific surge hiring initiative. We assumed full recruitment and onboarding activities, as well as the coordination of all training classes and onboarding. Our team nurtured candidates through the hiring pipeline for future promotional opportunities.

A Successful Surge Strategy
During the course of the engagement, the client gave Tential the authority to make all hiring decisions, based on our success recruiting to the ideal profile. More than 150 hires were made within a 3-week period in two locations (outside Philadelphia and southwest Connecticut).

Additionally, Tential’s onsite management of the contingent workforce allowed the client to focus on key initiatives while mitigating co-employment risks. We assumed responsibility for managing daily attendance and production and held weekly meetings with hiring managers to monitor processes and performance.

The Results
Tential’s proven Rapid Hire methodology worked. Effective communication, consistently high candidate quality, and onsite management proved to be a winning combination. The client received a significant ROI through processing claims, with increased efficiencies and faster processing. With sales quota achievement, hiring managers were extremely satisfied.

The client engaged Tential for an exclusive partnership to staff all of its Customer Care Centers nationally, as well as to provide hiring support for additional operational roles. After 10 years and more than 3,500 hires to date, the relationship is going strong. Tential’s niche recruiting strategy to fill the pipeline, paired with exceptional candidate care and oversight throughout the engagement, has led to better outcomes for our client.