Global Multimedia Powerhouse Achieves ITAM Excellence through Tential’s Co-Managed Solution

Introduction: In the face of post-merger complexity, a global multimedia powerhouse successfully navigated IT asset inventory challenges through Tential’s multi-year, co-managed IT asset management (ITAM) solution. Tential’s strategic oversight and rapid deployment of localized technical talent resulted in the identification of over 40,000 previously unknown hardware and software assets (valued at $50 million) within the first 18 months of the project. This achievement not only enabled the client to meet crucial deadlines but also unlocked the potential for optimized asset utilization and streamlined operations.

The Solution: Amidst the client’s IT asset inventory challenges that arose in the aftermath of a multimedia merger, Tential’s Director of Support Services, Doug Pfeffenberger, partnered with key stakeholders to deliver a multi-year, co-managed strategy that encompassed an effective IT asset management (ITAM) framework and unparalleled project oversight. Recognizing the importance of specialized expertise, Tential expediently and adeptly procured a team of highly skilled technical professionals, swiftly deploying them to execute meticulous site audits on a global scale.

To ensure audit process standardization and consistency across locations, Tential crafted a guide that covered all essential aspects of the audit process. This comprehensive guide provided explicit instructions for conducting audits, outlined expected auditor conduct, and addressed the intricacies inherent in the process. The hired individuals possessed extensive knowledge of local regulations, cultural subtleties, and site-specific requirements. Their involvement guaranteed precise asset discovery, adherence to standardized procedures, and seamless integration into the established ITAM system.

The Results: The outcomes achieved by the client were nothing short of extraordinary, unveiling over 40,000 previously unknown assets valued at an impressive $50 million. These financial discoveries presented the client with unmatched cost-saving opportunities, equipping them with the knowledge and insights necessary to optimize asset utilization and eliminate redundancies. By establishing robust standardized procedures and promptly engaging highly skilled local technical experts, Tential’s solution ensured consistency in ITAM practices, effectively minimizing disruptions, and elevating the client’s overall operational efficiency to new heights.

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