Corporate Brokers Supports Bello Machre

Here at Corporate Brokers we believe finding your Filltential is about more than just a successful career journey. For us, supporting our community and local charities is really what takes your day from average to extraordinary. Over the years, we have worked with countless organizations, but none have had the impact that Bello Machre has had on our employees and lives.

Corporate Brokers team supporting Bello Machre at Every Step Counts 2019

Bello Machre is an outstanding organization that offers a lifetime commitment of providing loving care, opportunity, and guidance for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Their goal is for every person served by Bello Machre to experience a meaningful day, safe and beautiful living environments, and the proper assistance needed provided by compassionate caregivers. Every member of the organization is treated with kindness and respect and viewed as part of the family.

With values so close to Corporate Brokers, it was a no-brainer in 2017 to take our commitment to the next level by participating in Bello Machre’s Meaningful Day program. It provides members of Bello Machre a job where they can feel fulfilled each day. We participate in this program by employing Jinny, a long-time member of Bello Machre, who has had an immensely positive impact on Corporate Brokers. Jinny comes to Corporate Brokers twice a week and it is safe to say she is a light in our office. Her positive attitude and demeanor are contagious! Even better, Jinny feels the same way about Corporate Brokers! She remembers, “before coming to the office every day, I would get bored. Now I come to help out in the office and it’s a fun day especially being able to talk to everyone!”

Each year, Bello Machre holds their Every Step Counts event – a walk/bike/run – to fundraise and promote awareness for its very important mission and goals. After partnering closely with their Meaningful Day program, the event has become even more important to the Corporate Brokers family.

Bello Machre means a lot because we have the opportunity to see Jinny on a daily basis. She does so much for us in theoffice, so it was amazing to have the chance to support her and see how happy she was the day of the walk. – Shannon Monaghan, Asphire Recruiter

This year the event was an amazing success with Corporate Brokers in total raising $23,809.34to help Bello Machre live out its mission. Attendees took part in a 5K run, walk or bike and then enjoyed fun games and activities for kids as well as a mini-dance party! It was a special day filled with exciting events and a truly heartwarming experience. Tential Associate, Dan Caton, recalls the atmosphere, “I believe it made the mission of Bello Machre feel very ‘real’ for everyone that attended. Getting to see all the lives it impacted. For me; it always reminds me to take time and remind myself how fortunate I am.” Overall the day was an amazing opportunity to reflect and focus on our true mission of helping everyone in the CB family to find their Filltential. Next year, we look forward to participating, crushing our fundraising goal, and continuing to support all of the amazing members of Bello Machre!