Corporate Brokers Goes Beyond Resumes in Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. – Corporate Brokers is entering a new market in the Orlando area April 15, bringing staffing to the state like never before.

“It’s a natural move for our growing company,” says COO Quinn Salamandra. “Some of our largest clients are located in the Central Florida area.”

Market Directors Bob Magnussen and Ben Phipps, as well as Recruiters Mike Toll and Matt Gregoire will head up the Florida office. The team has plans to make a big impact on existing and potential clients.

“The companies we work with will experience a refreshing way to do business,” says Magnussen. “This will include a deep dive into understanding the technology, people, culture, and big picture. Being able to provide a solution is the key component.”

Magnussen, Phipps, Toll, and Gregoire have already started conducting business in the area and will open a physical location between Tampa and Orlando within the year.

“I’m excited to help Corporate Brokers grow and expand into new markets with this crew,” says Gregoire, adding that he definitely won’t mind the warmer weather and the ability to play golf year-round.

Corporate Brokers, founded in 2003, is a staffing and recruiting agency headquartered in Annapolis, Md. The company places IT, marketing, financial, business, administrative, and other professionals in contract positions across the U.S. Corporate Brokers’ client base includes several top companies in the media, tech, and financial industries, among others. The company operates with a strong commitment to look beyond candidates’ resumes and find the great talent underneath, enabling them to place the right consultant with the perfect company, one job at a time.


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