Travis Patterson

Associate  |  Tampa, FL  |  (813) 244-9313

Favorite Villain: Magneto
If stuck in the desert, what three items would you bring: Dirt Bike, Water, and Gas (I’d like to have a little fun as I try to find my way out!)
Favorite Junk Food: Hot Fresh Cinnamon Rolls with extra Icing

Travis graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Business Management. At Tential Travis’s focus is on being the best possible partner for his clients through their career journey.

“My approach to guiding my clients through their career journey is based on feedback I receive from each individual I work with. Consistently updating each other is key; I want to know everything that is important to you so that I can help you achieve your Filltential. I am an open book when it comes to what I know about companies and opportunities in our market and am eager to share this information with my clients. After meeting I often recommend very specific career roadmaps for my clients including technologies, skillsets and responsibilities I see in the industry that I believe will be beneficial to their career.”

“Continuing to grow and understand Data science is something that is extraordinarily important to me. Technology and the application of technology is everchanging and to be the best at working with my clients I focus on breaking down Data Science, focusing of how each component functions. In Data Science the idea and approach from a statistical perspective is extremely important. Along with individual research I regularly attend meetups and focus groups but learning in meetings with my clients has by far been the most beneficial. People in the Data Science community are some of the most delightful individuals to work with, everyone is very open to share and teach from their own experiences.”

When Travis isn’t helping his clients achieve their Filltential he enjoys hockey, golf, and pool. “I recently started playing poll and it’s addicting; you can feel yourself getting better every time you play!”

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