Matt Gregoire

Practice Lead  |  Tampa, FL  |  (443) 370-2708

Favorite Villain: The Joker
If stuck in the desert, what three items would you bring: Sunscreen, Satellite Phone, and a Tent
Favorite Junk Food: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Matt graduated from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County with dual degrees in Political Science and Sociology. At Tential Matt’s focus is to ensure our teams are providing outstanding service to both our Clients and Customers.

“I am extremely focused on making sure that we don’t just find your next opportunity, but truly invest in your career journey and help you achieve your goals. I want to go above and beyond the traditional staffing experience that most candidates endure. Whether it be mock interviews, resume reviews, hosting Tential Tuesday events, or just being there to support your career journey, I believe that we can offer more value than your traditional agency.”

When Matt isn’t helping clients achieve their Filltential he enjoys spending time outside. “I love golfing, ice hockey, lacrosse or anything that gets me up and moving. I am also a diehard Buffalo Bills fan and hope I can watch them when the Superbowl comes to Tampa in 2021…I may be overly optimistic with this though!”

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