Katie Wiggins

Associate  |  Arlington, VA

kwiggins@tential.com  |  (301) 806-7230

Favorite Villain: Sgt. Brody (Homeland) or Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos Scandal)
If stuck in the desert, what three items would you bring: Satellite Phone, Tent, and a Friend
Favorite Junk Food: Potbelly Sugar Cookies

Katie has built the UX|UI practice at Tential for the past 4+ years. She credits her success to understanding that Tential serves our clients.  Her experience and industry exposure uncovers market trends, local company cultures and initiatives, and options for career pathways.

She is a University of Maryland graduate, but her professional education is all on-the-job. Katie is grateful and indebted to the UX|UI community that gave her a chance and taught her what she knows about the industry.

Katie is a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell, Gavin de Becker, Shark Tank, How I Built This, and The McKinsey Podcast.

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