Jessica Wherry

Associate  |  Arlington, VA  |  (304) 615-6874

Favorite Villain: Erik Killmonger
If stuck in the desert, what three items would you bring: Phone, headphones, solar powered charger
Favorite Junk Food: Gummy Bears

Jessica graduated from Virginia Tech with her Bachelor of Science in Marketing. At Tential she works to help her clients achieve their career goals and provide them with valuable information.

Jessica is able to provide her clients with information on industry trends, technology innovations, and hiring needs. “I focus on developing meaningful relationships with my clients. This gives me a better perspective of their career goals, interests, and what they bring to each opportunity beyond what is listed on their resume. By maintaining these relationships, I am able to advocate on my client’s behalf and support them through their career journey.”

To stay on top of industry trends Jessica immerses herself in the HTML/CSS and JavaScript community. “By taking courses through Codecademy and staying up to date on articles, books, and podcasts, I have developed a deeper understanding of what it takes to begin a career in development and this allows me to guide my clients.” Jessica also credits those in her network, meetups, and networking events to her success. “There are many outstanding individuals in my network that have been a huge support and have given me their insight into the world of JavaScript.”

Jessica grew up in Parkersburg, WV and played tennis and volleyball throughout high school and part of college. She currently lives in Falls Church with her fiancé and cat, Mr. Pickles. “We are currently enjoying having so many fantastic restaurants close by, playing tennis, and occasionally running on the W&OD trail. Family is extremely important to me, whether catching up on the phone or attending Jazz Fest in New Orleans we always find time to stay close and connected. If I’m not out or active with friends or family I enjoy a night in with Mr. Pickles and a good Netflix show or documentary.”

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