David Neukamm

Associate  |  Tampa, FL

dneukamm@tential.com  |  (813) 220-6343

Favorite Villain: Col. William Tavington – The Patriot (AKA Lucius Malfoy)
If stuck in the desert, what three items would you bring: Helicopter, Boat, and Gasoline
Favorite Junk Food: Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn

David graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Advertising. At Tential, David is focused on guiding the careers of his clients in DevOps and Cloud technologies.

“As a Tampa native who has found my long-term home with Tential, I am honored to dedicate my career to helping you excel in yours. Even if I don’t place you in your next opportunity, my goal is to build a long-term relationship, so I can be the best possible resource for you at any stage in your career.”

“My greatest success stories are when I connect with an amazing person (who may not fit an exact job description) and get to know them beyond what their resume states. I am able to share their stories with different managers in the industry, who may not even be looking to expand, but understand that this individual is one they absolutely need on their team. Knowing I can impact the careers of extraordinary people is what it’s all about. This is what Filltential means to me and it’s why I come to the office full of excitement and energy every day.”

David is an avid traveler, with a goal to visit 40 countries before turning 40, a craft beer connoisseur, and a consistent runner-up in Amateur Chicken Wing Eating contests.

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