Dan Caton

Associate  |  Arlington, VA

dcaton@tential.com  |  (202) 652-9154

Favorite Villain: Darth Vader
If stuck in the desert, what three items would you bring: Knife, Compass, and Water
Favorite Junk Food: Pizza

Dan attended the University of Maryland and now specializes in helping extraordinary Java professionals realize their full potential and further their careers.

Dan offers unique insight to the local market and focuses on giving his clients very transparent feedback and information. “I have a deep network that allows me to make introductions for clients that opens alternative paths into an opportunity or organization. My priority is to be a long-term partner to my clients and help them make the best choices for their career path.”

Dan has lived in various locations across the country and has greatly enjoyed meeting a diverse group of outstanding individuals. In his free time, he enjoys boating and being on the water, poker, tennis, and “any opportunity to be outside.”

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