Brandee Backus

Associate  |  Tampa, FL  |  (270) 535-9123

Favorite Villain: Cat Woman
If stuck in the desert, what 3 items would you bring: Sunscreen, Satellite Phone, and a Camel
Favorite Junk Food: Reese’s Eggs

Brandee graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Communication Studies and Hospitality Management. Her focus at Tential is on guiding the careers of professionals who specialize in Front-End Development, JavaScript, and UI/UX.

“Coming from a Marketing and Hospitality background means that I bring strong communication skills to the table, which I use to build meaningful relationships in the industry and connect my clients with opportunities for career growth.”

Not only does Brandee have a background which helps set her clients up for success, but she also uses “networking as a key component to stay relevant within [her] client skillset focus.” Working in the Tampa Bay and St. Pete areas has given Brandee extraordinary opportunities to attend networking events, meetups, and various educational courses but her favorite way to stay current is to learn from her clients, she says “they teach me something new every day!”

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