Bobby Hite

Enterprise Account Lead  |  Tampa, FL  |  (301) 742-7189

Favorite Villain: Bane
If stuck in the desert, what three items would you bring: Magic Carpet, Genie’s Bottle, and Snickers
Favorite Junk Food: Chewy Chips Ahoy

As an Enterprise Account Lead at Tential Bobby has dedicated his career to guiding the careers of our clients. “My professional life has always been about providing value, even when I am not asking for anything in return. My goal throughout every client interaction is to do just that; provide value! Regardless of if a client is looking for a new opportunity or not, I am going to find some way to provide value to their career journey. This could be through honest feedback, interview tips, application tricks, invitations to networking events or through facilitating introductions to someone else in my network who could be a good contact.”

To stay up to date on industry trends and innovations Bobby joins Tential Associates and Clients at various networking groups and thought sharing events each week. In his spare time Bobby enjoys softball, biking, and yearly trips with his father to National Parks and Forests to ride their motorcycles!

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