Alex Kelly

Associate  |  Tampa, FL

akelly@tential  |  (417) 231-2399

Favorite Villain: Mugatu- Zoolander
If stuck in the desert, what three items would you bring: Watermelon, Car Door (so when it’s hot I can roll down the window), and John Plant- Primitive Technology YouTube Channel
Favorite Junk Food: Ice Cream

At Tential Alex’s focus is on helping outstanding developers achieve their Filltential. “To provide value to my clients I make sure to stay informed and maintain clear lines of communication regarding exciting technical trends, training, and networking events in the community.”

Alex believes that her clients have helped her career just as much as she has guided theirs. “I take career advice from my clients just as much as I give it, I’ve been learning from the best and continue to build on my expertise and gain market intelligence every day! If there is something going on in Tampa Bay that you are interested in or something in your career that is holding you back, I’m here to help!”

In her free time Alex enjoys spending time at the beach, going camping, and any kind of game “unless it’s summer, in which case, it’s too hot to leave the AC!”

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