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Data powers everything you do. As experts in advanced data and software solutions, Tential helps our clients access, understand, and leverage their data to gain insight and competitive advantage. ​

​Tential’s data solutions will allow you to make proactive, data-driven decisions that increase ROI and company growth. ​

Collecting data is only the start. ​We help you drive value from your data.​

Tential’s delivery model ensures that we identify the correct business outcomes and provide solutions that truly match the objective. ​

Tential Solutions give you the power to produce extraordinary results.

Our culture is hashtag-worthy.

At Tential, we believe that having fun and doing great work are not mutually exclusive concepts. We are a team of outstanding individuals, working together to achieve outstanding results. We are relentless in this pursuit. Working in a field that is constantly evolving requires vision and flexibility. Hence, change is in our DNA and we seek opportunities to get outside of our comfort zone.

We know how to have fun
We treat each other like family
Our results are extraordinary
When it comes to success – we invest
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